About Me

After MANY years of putting this off, I've finally managed to put together website to house some of my music, both original and featured, and provide updates on upcoming shows.

I've been singing for as long as I can remember. Currently a resident of San Francisco, CA, I recently relocated from New York, NY where I performed in many venues in Manhattan and Brookyn with my "band" Ashley Lynn & Co during the last six years. I do most of my singing these days with the VERY talented Darren Korb over at Supergiant Games. I was thrilled (and frankly very surprised) with the overwhelming response to the first Bastion single, "Build that Wall." We even managed to win Best Video Game Song of the Year in Spike TV's VGAs back in 2011. Pretty crazy. I'm looking forward to the release of Transistor and definitely planning on getting back in the studio and put out some new music in the coming year.